Saturday, October 29, 2005

the necessity of chocolate

Every writer needs a routine. Here is mine. I get up early, eat breakfast, read a lot of stuff. Go to sit at the computer and read my email, then some blogs, then some message boards, then my email again. Then I eat some dark chocolate. And then finally, I write. This is wasteful, time-consuming, and procrastinative (a word?). But it works for me, so I've embraced it. It's important that the chocolate be dark: Lindt is good, also Scharffen-Berger; or maybe a Godiva truffle. During writing I sometimes need to fortify myself with cheesy crackers.
Today Carl got to the cemetery, and yes, he's depressed. My problem in this scene was a nagging worry that a family cemetery left neglected on top of a hill for some years would not be in the middle of a meadow anymore, but in the middle of a young forest. Research is required.


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