Sunday, February 05, 2006

lost post

I wrote what in retrospect seems like a brilliant post on Saturday which got swallowed up somehow--maybe because Blogger was having problems or maybe because I tried to put a photo behind the title on the banner (didn't work). But in any case, it's gone, and the inspired comparison I made between the ghosts in The Shining and a lost fragment of a story which I resurrected for my novel is lost forever in the outernet.
Today it's snowing, which I should be prepared for because it's February, but which nevertheless I resent, and the post-its are mounting apace on my desk, and I have run out of Evian and therefore must drink Trinity, which even though it comes from 2.2 miles deep in the ground and "flows naturally through crystal-lined granite" is not as good as Evian. Plus I'm reading Incendiary Circumstances, a book of essays by Amitav Ghosh, which is sure to make me feel like an intellectual lightweight. Thank goodness for my chocolate stash.


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