Wednesday, February 27, 2008

snowed in, sort of

And snow is good for revision, but today I don't need it, since I've finished this draft, which means that I can put Carl and Nancy and Isabel out of my head for a while.
It's not that I don't like them, but I've been prodding them with the cursor for a month, and they're a little sullen by now, wanting to know why they can't keep that perfectly good line of dialogue, or why I took the china swans out of Carl's booth at the antique mall.
I have my reasons! But of course all writers say this, don't they?


Blogger erieblue said...

So,I think you should write an essay talking about all the stuff you took out and why.

2/29/2008 7:17 AM  
Blogger Kristin Ohlson said...

No, no-- not the China swans!

I agree with EB. Although I think it's probably easier to revise/remove than to revise/enlarge, which is what I think I need to do. What do you think?

3/02/2008 2:45 PM  
Blogger lucette said...

I totally agree. I still have a bit of enlarging to do, but I put it off for the next (and I hope, last) draft.

3/02/2008 2:47 PM  
Blogger Erin O'Brien said...

update thy blog!

5/06/2008 8:59 AM  

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