Tuesday, May 30, 2006

7 more chapters

I've just determined, perhaps erroneously, that I have 7 more chapters/sections to write, which has made me very happy. They even have titles:
Zener Cards
The Logan Fair
Lily in the Fire
The Prison, Revisited
Ghost Walking
The titles are sort of like reminders to myself of what they're supposed to be about--another way to focus.
In other news, I've planted 13 of my 23 tomato plants, most of them heirloom varieties: German Johnson, Cherokee Purple (pictured), Yellow Brandywine, Yellow Pear, a red grape type, and some other ones I can't remember. My (very small) yard is a forest of tomato stakes.


Blogger erieblue said...

Maybe you should name each chapter after a tomato!! What would be happening in "Cherokee Johnson"?

6/01/2006 1:12 PM  
Blogger lucette said...

There should be Native Americans?

6/02/2006 10:47 AM  

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