Tuesday, August 08, 2006


626 pages: a fat draft waiting to be cut and cosseted and lovingly revised.


Blogger Gabriel said...

Do we open champagne up for the first draft or the book signing... oh well I'll drink to anything!

8/08/2006 1:15 PM  
Blogger Gina Ventre said...


Go get some wine.

8/08/2006 1:17 PM  
Blogger Isaurine said...

Way to go! Now go have fun and forget about it for a while.

8/08/2006 3:45 PM  
Blogger lucette said...

The champagne is bought and chilling. Also, I had a hot fudge sundae with blackberry ice cream.

8/08/2006 5:40 PM  
Blogger Brian Kornell said...


8/09/2006 9:36 AM  
Blogger E said...

Congrats. Skip the champagne, have more ice cream!

8/10/2006 12:30 PM  
Blogger Sean Santa said...

congradulations, i cant wait to read it



8/11/2006 9:29 PM  
Blogger Erin O'Brien said...


That's nice. Congrats. I know what a feeling it is.

Much, much luck with this.

8/12/2006 7:55 PM  
Blogger K-Oh said...

Wow-- that's a lot of pages! I'm still struggling to add 10-15 words here and there to my 250 pages.

Do you feel depleted? Or joyously released? I guess I'd feel both.

8/13/2006 10:21 AM  
Blogger lucette said...

Hey everyone--thanks. k-oh--I don't know how I feel; weirdly normal. Is this a good sign or a bad sign?

8/13/2006 8:24 PM  
Blogger Karen at Pen in Hand said...

That is excellent news. Now the trimming and polishing begins, which is my favorite part of a completed first draft. (Not that I've gotten there with a novel.) Enjoy the moment and I'm looking forward to a great read.

8/14/2006 10:43 PM  

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