Saturday, September 23, 2006

and yet more

I've started reading the novel over and doing a light revision. So far, so OK.
In other news, here is more of the un-novelish thing:

When we decided to shoot the pistol at the last minute, it was because Brandon came home from his job early. He and John got the pistol out to look at it, and then, while the kids were trying to entice the kittens out from under the porch, they set up a target on the little hill behind the chicken coop. Everything was packed into the car, but the day was so mild, so sweetly hazy, so tenderly sunny, that Sophia and I were not annoyed by the delay.
We all gathered to watch, leaning against the front of the truck and sitting on the hood. Eden put the lead on the dog and brought out bottles of water: loganberry, cranberry, cherry. I put my hand to my face to hide my mouth which was stretching into a smile. Who was she kidding? She was just a baby, she didn't have a kitchen in there behind the screen door (although I had seen it, I had sat in it, sliding my feet on the floor), her Play-Easy refrigerator was only two feet high and although it had a light, it was decorated with stickers of Mickey Mouse--it wasn't cold inside. She gave me loganberry without asking. I loved her so much.


Anonymous Al Kline said...

Just blog hopping. I have a book review, just wondering your thoughts as a writer. Have a great day.

9/24/2006 10:18 AM  

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