Tuesday, October 17, 2006

back at the computer

I went off to Logan over the weekend, and all the time I was gone didn't so much as look at a computer, except when my daughter was downloading the 63 pictures I took of my grandsons and various trees and hillsides and cloud formations. It was a nonword weekend, or I suppose a nonwriting weekend, since words were used. Z and C are getting into the wordly frame of mind. If you say something, Z is likely to say it after you. They're both in love with animal sounds: I don't know when I last said "moo" or "baaa" so many times. The words for various vehicles are also important: Car. Truck. Tractor. The weather was particularly fine, and we spent a fair amount of time outdoors, which made me realize how indoor a person I am. The computer is indoors, of course, which is part of it, I suppose. But I do have a laptop now, so theoretically I could take it with me and write anywhere: the park, the library, on a rock overlooking Lake Erie. I can be one of those serious people in coffeeshops, although it often turns out that they're playing solitaire or sudoku online. But if I can I'd rather be looking out at something that looks like this.

I believe that my writing might somehow become more lofty, more expansive, if I looked up from the screen at this curve of hill, the soft brushy grass, the height of these pines. But maybe not.


Blogger Gina Ventre said...

I thought my writing would become lofty because of a similar window view but it turns out that I write best when I'm sitting at my dining room table looking at the dishes on my counter and the thirsty houseplants and the vacuum cleaner that I bought months ago but have yet to put together.

10/18/2006 8:41 AM  
Blogger lucette said...

For a long time I did excellent writing on a table pushed up against the wall in my dining room. If I looked straight ahead I saw the wall, but if I looked up I could see, through a high rectangular window, the sky with the branches of my plum tree across it, which was just enough and not too much of a view.

10/18/2006 9:08 AM  
Blogger K-Oh said...

I remember those trees!

I unfortunately write best with the image--mental--of an angry editor looking at his/her inbox.

11/03/2006 3:12 PM  

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