Saturday, March 10, 2007

the searchers

I just read Jadepark's list of wacky search terms, and decided to do one of my own (you can read hers here).
some of the lucid and wellchosen words that have brought people to this blog:
"how to finish a novel fast": I don't know this! although there were some other promising items on the search page, especially the Novel Fast Predictive Mode Decision Algorithm.
"nun stripper": haven't written this story yet.
"nun's bras": it might look like I have a nun obsession, but no more so than anyone else who went through through 13 years of Catholic education (I'm looking forward to seeing "nun obsession" on my referrals page).
"weird things to put on toast": I don't have anything to say about this except for the blog title, but there were some other interesting things, the best of which was salami. I also found out that there is or has been a model of a casino made entirely out of toast, and why not? Gingerbread can't have all the fun.
There were quite a lot of searches for "novel synopsis," and I think what I wrote about this was that I was hopeless at doing one. Possibly I should be doing some searching myself.
If anyone else is feeling meme-ish, please take up the search-terms torch.


Blogger K-Oh said...

Someone found my blog today with this: "when pantyhose ruled the world."

Certainly, I've never said this!

3/12/2007 7:33 PM  
Blogger K-Oh said...

Here's another from today:

"2006 guest book of america cement dealers"

3/15/2007 12:38 PM  

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