Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Question: is it better to blog before or after writing?
Answer: it is unquestionably better to blog after, because otherwise it can become one of the already-too-numerous repertoire of procrastinating behaviors.
Today is gloomy and wet, but paradoxically, the view out of my office window is falsely sunny, because the leaves on the silver maple tree in front of my house are goldeny-yellow. The tree must have some kind of arboreal super powers, for it keeps its leaves until every other tree on the street has lost theirs, and even after other silver maples elsewhere. I'm hoping that this means it's also super strong, and will hold up for another winter, even though it's over 100 (oldish for a silver maple, I think) and is partly hollow inside. Raccoons have lived in it as if in a nice vertical apartment building, although there aren't any now. Just The Squirrel, which is what we call the squirrel who lives there, even though we know that it's not just one, but a succession of squirrels. We used to give The Squirrel peanut butter, but had to stop because he got a sense of entitlement and started climbing up the outside of the screen door and peeing on it.
But yes, I did write today before I blogged. Carl sat in the antique mall, unpacking a box with railroad memorabilia in it and listening to an old man tell him about the ghosts in his house. Carl is filled with resolve, but it won't last, I know.


Blogger Gabriel said...

I learned my squirrel feeding lesson the hard way, some saltines everyday will turn any squirrel nutty... not only will they try to get in but they'll bring friends with them too! There's nothing freakier than having a squirrel tearing at your screen begging for another handout...Who knew that squirrels make a wierd screeching sound when agitated?

11/15/2005 11:30 AM  
Blogger lucette said...

I've heard that weird screeching sound, and it's not pretty. Our current squirrel is pretty laid back though.

11/15/2005 10:38 PM  

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