Tuesday, May 01, 2007

over but not yet

School is over in the sense that classes are done, but also not over because there is the grading to get through, and last stray appointments, and paperwork (which is always noxious). I've set a date for going back into the novel one more time (one last time, I hope)--in about 10 days. Going back in, which makes it sound like a country, or a jungle, or the sea floor, and it is like all of these: foreign, tangled, deep.
But I'm looking forward to it.
In the meantime, I'm taking up the gauntlet of Isaurine's post on little annoyances.
My Top 10 Little Annoyances:
1. Yellow highlighter in books. I used to be very purist about books and couldn't stand anything written in them at all, but now when I'm reading a book I am mostly charmed to see what someone else thought about a scene or a concept. And sometimes people write mysterious things in books, as if they are sending coded messages. Once I got a book out of the library, a mystery novel, and someone had written on one of the last pages: "you know Bill." Had Bill also killed someone with poison tea stewed from the leaves of rhubarb (as in the book)? Or what?
But I still can't stand highlighter: too disfiguring, no interesting content; too neon-ish.
2. Running out of chocolate. Maybe this isn't a little annoyance though? more catastrophic?
3. Having to return phone messages. I don't know why, but I hate to have to call people back who have left messages on the answering machine. The smart thing to do would be to turn it off; or to always answer the phone (which I almost never do; I also hate answering the phone).
4. Having to get dressed up in something other than a nice pair of pants and a top. Any occasion which requires more means that I will be trying on everything I own and leaving clothes strewn across 2 bedrooms while I try to find the right thing to wear to the English Awards banquet, for instance, or a cousin's 1st communion party.
5. Students' papers which are enrobed in plastic covers: hate them. Too slippery, so you can't stack them; also hard to hold open while reading.
6. The mail, because it is always so boring. This is because of email probably--I get a fair amount of interesting email. But my mail almost entirely consists of advertising flyers and offers from my credit card to pay off my other credit cards and (last week) the offer of an easy-pay plan to buy a spot in a mausoleum.
7. Losing my place in a book and then having to read back and forth (so to speak) to find the spot I stopped. Using a bookmark would take care of this, but I also hate bookmarks.
8. When my sister says she's going to call me back in 2 minutes, and then she doesn't.
9. When my pen runs out of ink. How can this happen so often?
10. Having to buy a new purse. I always put this off as long as possible because I like consistency in my accessories. The purse has to be large enough to put a book into it, and it has to have a shoulder strap, and a zippered pocket, and it has to be not ugly. This doesn't seem like much to ask, but it always takes me months to find a new purse. I could probably do a life of myself by what purse I was carrying at the time: the years of the giant leather backpack-like purse, the canvas sack era, the purchase of the Coach bag (signifying full-time employment), and so on. But I won't.
How about you? what are your top ten?


Blogger erieblue said...

Re: #8--that hasn't happened in a long time!! Also, a purse should have compartments inside, be divided into at least two, but three is better.

5/01/2007 7:50 PM  
Blogger Gina Ventre said...

I abhor the phone. Anything having to do with the phone.

I know you didn't tag me directly for this list but I'm going to pretend that you did.

5/02/2007 8:58 AM  
Blogger lucette said...

EB: true; but you do say you're going to call me back in 2 minutes and then it's really 10, 15, 30...

Gina: I also hate going actually into the bank; thank god for ATMs.
Please do consider yourself tagged.

5/02/2007 9:48 AM  
Blogger Sean Santa said...

very funny, im tagging myself too



5/03/2007 3:31 PM  
Blogger Kristin Ohlson said...

I feel like I spend my life looking for the right purse, never never finding it.

5/03/2007 8:32 PM  
Blogger Karen at Pen in Hand said...

God, I thought I was the only one with a Purse Thing. Yes, it has to fit a book - or a sketchbook. It has to be big enough but not too big. And what IS it with all these purses now with short little straps that can be slung over shoulders? What IS that? I want it to be sleek-looking, not overly clunky and adorned, though it should be somehow stylish, too. Oh, and it has to close in some fashion - preferabley by zipper, but I'll take a snap it if actually holds. I have a closet full of purses, including a stupid Coach bag that makes me feel like I'm impersonating someone with fashion sense.

5/07/2007 10:01 PM  
Blogger kitchen hand said...

Coincidence, I just went looking for a wallet yesterday and was measuring them all to get it just right for my pocket.

5/08/2007 10:08 PM  

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