Monday, June 25, 2007

archaeology at home

I'm still at it, although the only actual cleaning done was my kleenex dusting as I moved the piles. I've been sifting down through the layers, and according to the sophisticated dating methods I'm using I can put the beginning of the Look at Later Pile at 10/3/2005 or thereabouts, using the note attached to the notebook I left at CVS as a guide.This was thoughtfully mailed back to me by the conscientious clerk, and it was on the pile because I was going to write her a note to thank her, but I left it go so long that I just did it when I went in to get a Snickers bar several weeks later.
The notebook was almost empty--it had a number of coupons stuffed into it (for Chico's, Origins, etc.), a ruler thanking me for giving money to the Knights of Columbus, a student schedule for Fall 05, and a handy list of produce highest and lowest in pesticide residue (pineapples good, peaches not). The only thing written inside was a cryptic note: "Leo Burdette's farm"--don't know Leo, or why I wanted to remember his farm.
I have two stacks of books: the Pile of Books I Want to Re-read
and the Pile of Books That Have Been Thoroughly Read and Need to be Put Away
But it's been so long since I read these last that I might read some of them again--you can't read To the Lighthouse too many times--and it's such a summer kind of book.


Blogger Kate S. said...

Those piles of books look awfully familiar to me! Especially the second one since I have the very same editions of To the Lighthouse, The Golden Notebook, and Wild Mind...

6/30/2007 11:58 AM  
Blogger lucette said...

Kate--those 3 books have all been important to me in different ways; and even though I have other editions of the Woolf and the Lessing, I don't like them as well as the one I had first--so picky, I know!

7/01/2007 10:19 AM  

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