Friday, November 18, 2005

what I'm reading

Currently on my bedside table (and also on the other half of the couch and in a pile on the floor by my desk):
Finding Fish, Antwone Fisher: I'm reading this for a seminar on childhood that I'm participating in. Probably everybody knows what this is about.
The Sound of Us, Sarah Willis: also for the seminar, but I'd read it before. A woman who sign-interprets for the deaf crosses paths with a child who needs protecting.
13 Ways of Looking at the Novel, Jane Smiley: so far I haven't gotten past the introduction, where she's discussing writers' block (always a compelling subject for me).
Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter, Simone de Beauvoir: the first volume of her memoirs, covers her strait-laced childhood, up to her meeting with Sartre and the beginning of their life together. (Don't do it, Simone!)
Reflections, Jo Bannister: a well-written British mystery.
Harvey and Eck, Erin O'Brien: truthfully, I finished this already, but have to mention it because aside from its other virtues it's an epistolary novel, which I love and think there should be more of.
Undead and Unreturnable, Mary Janice Davidson: vampire-lite; part of my unsuccessful attempt to fill the void left by the end of Buffy.
The Book of Faces, Joseph Campana: a book of poems that are centered on Audrey Hepburn. A strange idea, but why not?
The Mystery Chef's Cookbook, by the Mystery Chef: a vintage cookbook, written by a famous-in-the-30s radio chef, picked up at a friend's house sale.
Bird, Angela Johnson: wonderful book for children, the kind of children's book that should be read by everyone, about love and loss and death, with handy tips on how to survive if you've run away from home and are living in someone's shed.


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